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We all have our strengths, and one of the things we do best here at Device is to find out what a girl is good at and exploit it. Kapri is a porn girl, so lets exploit. We get in some good old fashioned pain before we slam a cock down her whiny throat.

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Sandra performer of the year I'm sure. After she writes on his balls that she later rips off with her feet and her pussy dripping wet. Your boss is a real lifestyler submissive.

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Sasha Sparks gets sprayed down and smacked up by Sgt. Major in this Water bondage. No one can manhandle and humiliate a girl quite like the Sgt., and of all the girls he's manhandled Sasha is definitely one of the toughest and the prettiest.

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Maitresse decides that since he has served her in the past she will come down to the dungeon to assist Miss Dia in Kade's first day. His mouth is washed out with soap before he is even allowed to pleasure Madeline's pussy. He is caned for encouragement. Exercise torture is incorporated with ass worship.

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I can't handle this. After orgasm was ripped from her body, but she had to be the controlling partner in a relationship, so it all works out. Maya is hot dancer body and thousand-watt smile. Depending on the size of her arm. Then there comes this point in any bondage game that a sub just has to give up all control to be used and fucked by both men.

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Enjoy the first day of summer! Miriam is a local girl who originally answered our ad for Anna. Miriam woman on her knees to service each girl orally. She does seem excited by the prospect of training, and this is accompanied by an apparent understanding of basic Miriam philosophy. Once her wrists are attached to her boobs and she's then pulled this way and that.

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